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Sentence 11: They are able to control creatures like rats and wolves, and the elements were at their command.
Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT sentence 11?

A Change \u201Care\u201D to \u201Cwere\u201D.

The sentence is written in the past tense (\u201Celements were at their command.\u201D); therefore, you should use the past tense verb \u201Cwere,\u201D instead of the present tense verb \u201Care.\u201D \u201CTheir\u201D is the appropriate spelling to refer to \u201CThey\u201D (vampires), as \u201Cthey\u2019re\u201D is the contraction for \u201Cthey are.\u201D \u201CElements\u201D is not showing possession over anything; therefore, it should remain in its plural form. You should not add a comma after \u201Ccreatures,\u201D as it would make the sentence grammatically incorrect.

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