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Which statement provides the BEST general conclusion that can be made from the table as a whole?

A Not all deserts have the same climate.

You can conclude from the table that not all deserts have the same climate; in fact, the difference in climate between Antarctica, the coldest continent, and the Sahara, where the world’s hottest temperatures have been recorded, is stunning. This contrast makes answer (Deserts around the world look about the same) incorrect. The table does not have information on population density, so it would not be logical to draw the conclusion that deserts are sparsely populated based on this table. In fact, some areas of deserts, like the Nile River Valley, are among the most densely populated areas of the world. The table has information about five deserts (two of which are in Africa), but not about most of the world’s deserts, so it is impossible to make conclusions about most deserts from this table.

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