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Which statement is supported by the information presented in the bar graph?

A More civilians were killed in China than in any other country.

The bar graph shows that China had the most civilian deaths of any country in World War II. (The dark portion of China’s bar on the graph is the biggest.) The Soviet Union had more deaths than any other country, but you cannot say that most of all the deaths in World War II were in the Soviet Union . No one country accounted for most of the dead. The map does not show percentages ; to figure percentages, you would need to know the populations of each country. In actuality, Poland lost the highest percentage of its people in World War II. Answer (The overwhelming majority of Soviet deaths in World War II were civilians) is contradicted by the graph, which shows about an equal number of the dead in the Soviet Union between civilians and military personnel. Although they lost World War II, Germany and Japan did not suffer nearly as many deaths as the Soviet Union and China, which were on the winning side.

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