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Which statement CORRECTLY describes the two maps?

A Both maps distort the size, shape, and location of the continents.

Any projection of the world’s curved surface onto a flat map distorts the size and shape of the continents. In this case, the amount of distortion on the two maps happens to be the same because both use the same method of projection. The only difference is that the equirectangular projection is centered on the equator (which runs horizontally across the center of the map), while the Cassini projection centers on the prime meridian (which runs vertically through the center of the map). Both are equally accurate and correct, even though Map A looks more like the world maps we are used to. Because the earth is a ball in space, there is no fixed up or down or direction it must be put in. The equirectangular projection shows the area around the equator more accurately but distorts the polar regions, while the Cassini projection does the opposite. Thus, Map B would be of greater use to a pilot flying across the polar region

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