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Which statement BEST summarizes the information shown on the map?

A During the Cold War, most nations of Eastern Europe were allied with the Soviet Union, while most nations of Western Europe joined the United States in opposing the Soviet Union.

Not all European nations along the Soviet border (All the European nations along the border of the Soviet Union were allied with the Soviet Union) aligned themselves with the Soviet Union (Finland, for example, did not). There is no information on the map about whether alliances threaten the world or promote peace (Alliances such as NATO and the Warsaw Pact dangerously divide the world and encourage war); more information would be needed to research this question. The Soviet Union, which itself makes up about half of Europe, did control more land area of Europe (The Soviet Union controlled most of Europe, while the United States had relatively little power there), but the map offers no information about the power of the United States in Europe. The United States in fact had considerable power in Europe due to many American military bases there, a strong U.S. navy presence, and a strong NATO alliance.

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