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Which sentence DOES NOT belong in the following paragraph? 1] Though Thomas Jefferson's taste for expensive home furnishings and wine contributed to the substantial debts he faced toward the end of his life, many other factors also contributed. 2] For instance, when Jefferson's father-in-law died, all of his debts were transferred to Jefferson. 3] Additionally, though his holdings in land and slaves were considerable, they were never especially profitable. 4] Jefferson is believed to have fathered children with one of his slaves. 5] Finally, less than a decade before his death, Jefferson unwisely agreed to endorse a $20,000 loan for a friend, and when the friend unexpectedly died a year later, Jefferson inherited yet another large debt. 6] Jefferson's personal experience with debt may have been part of his motivation in criticizing policies that would increase the national debt.

A Sentence 4.

Sentence 4, regarding Jefferson's affair with one of his slaves, is not directly relevant to the main topic at hand, which is Jefferson's debts.

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