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Sentence 10: The oldest krewe, the krewe of Comus, was founded in 1857 by men who feared the outrageous antics of Mardi Gras would lead to the holiday being outlawed.
Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT sentence 10?

A Change \u201Ckrewe of Comus\u201D to \u201CKrewe of Comus\u201D.

Although the word \u201Ckrewe\u201D itself is not capitalized, it is being used in the official name of an organization and should be capitalized when written as \u201CKrewe of Comus.\u201D \u201CWho\u201D is referring to \u201Cmen;\u201D therefore, it is correctly being used to refer to a subject, not an object. \u201CHoliday\u201D is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized and the sentence is written in the past tense, so \u201Cfeared\u201D is grammatically correct.

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