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Which equation runs through the point (2,-3) with slope 4?

A y = 4x - 11

The equations given are straight-line equations in the slope-intercept form, that is:
y = mx + b, where m is the slope and b is the value of y when x = 0 (the y-intercept)
The equation for the line with a slope of 4 will look something like this:
y = 4x + b
From the choices, this is the only one following this format and is the obvious answer.
However, if there were other choices of equations with a slope of 4, or you need to check to see if the line does pass through (2,-3), do the following:
Plug the values of x and y(2,-3) to solve for b:
y = 4x + b
-3 = 4(2) + b
b = -3 - 8 = -11
Therefore, the line y = 4x - 11 passes through the given point (2,-3).

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