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Read the\u00A0supporting details\u00A0then correct the sentence below. Sentence 6: Dinosaur discoveries in Southeast Montana are nothing new. If sentence 6 was rewritten to begin with "It is not new to" what should be the next words?

A Discover dinosaur remains.

This question is testing your knowledge regarding sentence tense. The first part of the sentence is written in present tense, so you need to look for an answer that is also written in the present tense. The option \u201Chave discovered\u201D is written in the past tense, so it can be eliminated and the option \u201Cbe discovering\u201D is written in a future tense, so it can also be eliminated. The option \u201Cdiscovers remains\u201D does not flow with the first part of the sentence and can be quickly eliminated.

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