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Read the supporting details then correct the sentence below.
Sentence 1: The United States Post Office had recognized some years back that new avenues of transportation would open to the Department and began to establish focal points for air, highway, and rail transportation.

Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT the capitalization error in sentence 1?

A Change “Department” to “department”.

In order to correct the capitalization error in sentence 1, you should change “Department” to “department.” “Department” is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized unless it is used at the beginning of the sentence or used within the context of a title. “Avenues” as it is used in the sentence is not capitalized; however, if it were to be used as part of a street address, it would be. “Post Office” is to remain capitalized, as it is part of an official title and/or business name. You should not capitalize “rail transportation” unless it is used as part of a business’s name.

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