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Read the\u00A0supporting details\u00A0then correct the sentence below. Sentence 5: This latter approach can be thought of as an I-win, you-lose outcome which will almost always result in a situation that one party strongly resents. Which of the following options would CORRECT sentence 5?

A Change \u201Cwhich\u201D to \u201Cthat\u201D.

Sentence 5 contains a pronoun error. The pronoun \u201Cwhich\u201D is not used correctly, as it should be used to refer to \u201Coutcome\u201D in a nonrestrictive clause (set off with commas). Therefore, \u201Cwhich\u201D should be replaced with \u201Cthat,\u201D as the pronoun \u201Cthat\u201D should be used to refer to \u201Coutcome\u201D in a restrictive clause. The other answer options are not options that would make the sentence grammatically correct.

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