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Sentence 2: Express highways are constantly being constructed to and from major hubs or edge cities, and its on these roads where new suburbs are being developed.
Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT the punctuation in sentence 2?

A Change \u201Cits\u201D to \u201Cit\u2019s\u201D.

In order to correct the punctuation in sentence 2, you should change \u201Cits\u201D to \u201Cit\u2019s.\u201D The word \u201Cit\u201D requires the use of an apostrophe \u201Cs,\u201D as it is being used as a contraction to mean: \u201Cit is.\u201D \u201CExpress highways\u201D is not an introductory phrase and should not have a comma after it. The use of a comma between two independent clauses that are joined by a coordinating conjunction (\u201Cand\u201D) is appropriate; therefore, you do not need to replace \u201Ccities,\u201D with \u201Ccities;\u201D. When there are only two items in a list, you should not use a comma after the first item; therefore, you do not need a comma after \u201Chubs.\u201D

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