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Sentence 6: Morgan\u2019s Raid achieved both those \u201Cgoals as\u201D many as 8,000 Union soldiers were engaged in either chasing him or engaging him in battle at Buffington Island, where he and his men were trying to slip back across the Ohio River into West Virginia and return southward.
Which of the following options demonstrates the BEST\u00A0way to write the words in quotation marks in Sentence 6?

A goals. As

Sentence 6 contains two independent clauses that should be separated by using a period. Therefore, \u201Cgoals. As\u201D is the correct answer option. The use of a comma after \u201Cgoals\u201D does not appropriately separate the two independent clauses and the insertion of \u201Chowever\u201D does not fit with the sentence\u2019s meaning.

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