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Where should the following sentence be placed in the paragraph below? Many people have proposed explanations for this drop. 1] Surveys of criminal activity in the United States have shown that the 1990s marked a significant drop in crimes such as vehicle theft, rape, and murder. 2] Economist Rick Nevin argues that one contributing factor is the ban on lead gasoline in the 70s because lead poisoning in children has been linked with criminal behavior later in life. 3] Other theories include the controversial claim that legalizing abortion has led to fewer unwanted children and, as a result, fewer potential criminals. 4] Some politicians, including Rudy Giuliani, even take personal responsibility, identifying their policies as effective deterrents to crime.

A After sentence 1.

The sentence, “Many people have proposed explanations for this drop,” provides an introduction to the short explanations that follow. It should come after the first sentence.

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