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A scientist is studying the effects of climate change on the distribution of plants. She observes that a particular plant species is now found at higher altitudes than it was 100 years ago. What is the MOST likely explanation for this observation?

A The plant is migrating to higher altitudes to escape rising sea levels.

Climate change is causing various shifts in ecosystems, including changes in temperature and precipitation patterns. Rising global temperatures are leading to the melting of glaciers and polar ice, which in turn results in rising sea levels. As sea levels rise, plants that are sensitive to saltwater intrusion or that require specific soil conditions may migrate to higher altitudes to avoid being submerged or affected by the changing coastal areas.
While plants can adapt to changing climates over long periods, migrating to higher altitudes in response to rising sea levels is a more immediate and direct response to the changing environment. This migration allows the plant to find suitable habitats with similar climate conditions to its original location but at higher elevations.

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