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Sentence 4: I believe that the two courses I took from you, LING 311 Linguistics and Society (Spring 2011) and LING 403 Seminar in Comparative Linguistics (Fall 2011), have help me to develop a solid foundation for my graduate studies in linguistics.
Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT sentence 4?

A Change \u201Chelp\u201D to \u201Chelped\u201D.

In order to correct sentence 4, you need to change \u201Chelp\u201D to \u201Chelped.\u201D The sentence is written in the past tense, as the student had already taken the courses; therefore, the word \u201Chelp\u201D needs to be in the past tense (\u201Chelped\u201D). \u201CSpring\u201D and \u201CSociety\u201D are both being used in the title of courses; therefore, they need to remain capitalized. The word \u201Cto\u201D is used appropriately (\u201Cmove towards or reaching a given state\u201D) and does not need changed.

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