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Read the\u00A0supporting details\u00A0then correct the sentence below. Sentence 7: Transportation (including, to a limited extent, trains and buses) play an important role in the life of a suburban resident who generally commutes to work. Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT sentence 7?

A Change \u201Cplay\u201D to \u201Cplays\u201D.

In order to correct sentence 7, you should change \u201Cplay\u201D to \u201Cplays.\u201D The subject of the verb \u201Cplay\u201D is \u201CTransportation,\u201D which is singular and requires the use of a singular verb; therefore, you should use \u201Cplays\u201D instead of \u201Cplay.\u201D As a rule, \u201Can\u201D should only be used before words that start with a vowel (i.e. a, e, i, o, and u) or before a word that contains an unpronounced \u201Ch\u201D (i.e. hour). Therefore, \u201Ca\u201D should be used before words that begin with a consonant (i.e. b, c, d, f, ...). In this sentence, the \u201Ca\u201D and \u201Can\u201D are used correctly. As a rule, you would use \u201Cwho\u201D to refer to a subject (\u201Csuburban resident\u201D) of a clause and \u201Cwhom\u201D to refer to an object of a clause. In this sentence, \u201Cwho\u201D is used appropriately.

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