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Sentence 7: In 1975, after Federal funding for high-speed maglev research in the United States was suspended industry virtually abandoned its interest in maglev; however, research in low-speed maglev continued in the United States until 1986.
Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT the punctuation in sentence 7?

A Insert a comma after \u201Csuspended\u201D.

In order to correct sentence 7, you should insert a comma after \u201Csuspended.\u201D The phrase: \u201Cafter Federal funding ... was suspended\u201D is an explanatory phrase that should be set off with commas. A comma should be used after the conjunction \u201Chowever.\u201D The use of the semicolon after \u201Cmaglev\u201D is correct, as it is used between two independent clauses. The use of the hyphen in \u201Clow-speed\u201D is correct, as it is being used to form an adjective.

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