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Sentence 4: But spreading fear among a populace that was used to the war happening elsewhere was only one of it\u2019s purposes.
Which of the following options would CORRECT sentence 4?

A Replace “it’s” with “its”.

Sentence 4 contains an error with the pronoun “it.” In the given sentence, “it’s” is written as a contraction for “it is;” however, the sentence is requiring the possessive form of “it,” which is “its.” The pronoun “that” is used correctly in this sentence, as it should be used to refer to “a populace” in a restrictive clause and the pronoun “which” should be used to refer to “a populace” in a nonrestrictive clause (set off with commas). A comma is not necessary after the word “But” and “to” is used appropriately in the sentence.

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