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Place the given standard form into a slope-intercept form: \(5x − 3y = 8\)
What is a slope of line?

A \(\frac{\mathrm{5} }{\mathrm{3}}\)

First, solve the equation \(5x − 3y = 8\) for y:
Subtract 5x from both sides.
\(5x − 3y - 5x = 8 - 5x\)
\(-3y =8 - 5x\)
\(y=\frac{\mathrm{5} }{\mathrm{3}}x-\frac{\mathrm{8} }{\mathrm{3}}\)
When the equation is in standard form (y = mx + b), the coefficient of \(x\) is the slope m.
So, a slope of line (m)= \(\frac{\mathrm{5} }{\mathrm{3}}\)

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