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Devon owns a house cleaning company and has to give price quotes to potential customers. He figures out his price by assuming a $25 base charge and then adding $8 for each bathroom and $4 for each other room. If he uses P to represent the price, B for bathroom, and R for other rooms, which of the following represents his price quote formula?

A P = 25 + 8B + 4R

The price quote, P, will be equal to the total amount of charges. It’s given that there is a $25 base charge, so we can begin by writing the price quote as P = $25. To this base charge of $25, $8 per each bathroom, represented by the variable B, is added; our price quote is now P = $25 + $8B. Lastly, $4 per each other room, R, is added, and the actual price quote is P = $25 + $8B + $4R, or P = 25 + 8B + 4R.

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