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In her will, Laura left 20% of her estate to her niece, 25% to her daughter, and the remaining portion to one of her favorite charities. If the daughter received $20,000 as her share, what was the total amount of money given to charity?

A $44,000

Laura gave 25% of her estate, or $20,000, to her daughter. We can find the total value of the estate by setting up an equation:
0.25 * x = 20,000
x = $80,000\u00A0
Next, we need to find out the percentage of Laura's total estate that was given to the charity.
20 + 25 + y = 100
45 + y = 100
y = 55\u00A0
55% of Laura's estate was give the to the charity. Since we know the total value of the estate is $80,000, we multiply that by 55%.
80,000 x .55 = 44,000
Laura gave $44,000 to her favorite charity.

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