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A student conducted an experiment wherein she applied various pesticides to mosquitoes to see which ones survived and which ones died. To ensure she used the proper scientific method, she sprayed 10 mosquitoes in each trial and recorded the ones that survived. After the first trial, she allowed the mosquitoes to reproduce and then resprayed 10 of the offspring with the pesticide. The data she collected is shown in the following table. This data describes what phenomenon?

A The mosquitoes are becoming resistant to the pesticides and passing on that resistance to their offspring who are able to survive in greater numbers.

The mosquitoes that were sprayed with the pesticides and survived were resistant to that pesticide. They passed on this resistance to their offspring, who then were able to survive in even greater numbers. The offspring that survived after being sprayed then reproduced and passed on the resistance trait to their offspring, and even more survived.

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