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A pile of sand at a concrete plant is a cone shape. It is 15 meters high, and the circular base has a diameter of 40 meters. What is the volume of this sand, in cubic meters?

A 6,280

Use the formula for the volume of a cone from the formula sheet. The height is 15 meters. Given the diameter is 40 meters, the radius is 20 meters. Using 3.14 for:
\(V= \frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{3}} \pi r^2 h \approx \frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{3}} (3.14) (20m)^2 (15m)\)
= \(\frac{\mathrm{1} }{\mathrm{3}} (3.14) (400m) (15m)\)
= \(6,280m^3\)

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