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Is The GED Test Hard? Best Strategy to Pass GED [2024 Updated]

Is the GED test hard? Don’t worry, it can be easy once you have good preparation for it. Let's start practice with our free GED practice test 2021!

January 1, 2022

The GED is a high school equivalency diploma that can be used to apply for jobs or colleges in the same way that a high school diploma can. As a result, students who dropped out of high school can take the GED exam and earn an equivalent high school diploma. And you still wondering if the GED test is difficult? Don’t worry, the test can be simple if you prepare properly. Continue reading this blog post to learn everything there is to know about the GED test.

Is the GED Test Similar to a High School?

To obtain a high school diploma, you must study for four years, which provides you with a vast store of knowledge and skills. It’s also a significant accomplishment if you have the opportunity to complete high school. However, if you are unable to complete a high school diploma, taking a GED test is an excellent option for you. Completing a GED takes less time than finishing high school, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Students in high school must complete exams in each of their classes in order to earn grades that allow them to graduate. Students in high school are taught to master difficult topics and can request extra credit to compensate for lower grades.

For the GED test, students must complete a series of four exams including mathematical reasoning, science, language arts, and social studies. These tests are demonstrative of the lessons they would have learned in a traditional high school program. The GED question types are various including multiple-choice, long-form, and extended essay questions. Although GED students can improve their test-taking skills with practice tests, they have fewer opportunities to make up for lower test scores. However, GED students can retake GED exams up to three times each year. 

Generally, GED and High School aim to test students on the same knowledge and skills, but in comparison, GED is a little bit easier as it requires only about three months to prepare and take the test while high school is four years of study. 

Is the GED test hard to pass?

It all depends! You may find it difficult if you do not study and become familiar with the test format. However, with sufficient preparation, you can go into the GED test confident that you will pass.
If you stopped attending high school in 11th or 12th grade, you might already have the necessary education to take and pass the test. Do you require additional assurance? In 2018, the GED test pass rate was an outstanding 80%.

The GED exam assesses your knowledge of high school subjects such as reading, math, social studies, and science. The test can take up to 7-8 hours to complete. Students typically spend about three months studying for and taking the exam. All of your preparation will help you to be well-prepared for a prosperous future. You will gain valuable skills that you can apply to college courses, a job, and future tests.

The GED test is hard because of time pressure. But it’s not as difficult as you think, you are required to get half of the questions to pass the test which means that you only need to answer 40-50% of the questions correctly to get a passing score. 

However, to pass the GED test, you must be well-prepared. The questions can be hard for you if you don’t study for the test. Before going to the exam, spend time and effort practicing every day which helps you be familiar with the test format and topics asked on the exam. The following study guide can help you:

  • Know What to Study: You should make a study list of knowledge and skills you need to review based on the high school equivalency test.
  • Take Your Time: Spend time practicing every day. You should find a study program that matches your learning speed and make sure you learn well. 
  • Find Prep That’s Right for You: If you don’t understand the study program, or it isn’t explaining things well. You should find another study program that is understandable to you and explains the concepts clearly. 

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How does the GED compare to high school?

High school consists of 4 years of classroom instruction. It creates a fantastic store of knowledge and skills. It is a significant accomplishment to be able to complete high school. For those who are unable to complete high school, the GED and HiSET tests are unbeatable alternatives. It’s also far easier than acing the SAT or ACT.

But what you really want to know is how difficult the test is in comparison to high school. The main distinction is that the GED and HiSET tests are simply tests. It assesses your ability to apply key high school skills. That is, in some ways, simpler. It’s only one test, not four years of preparation.

Some people struggle to pass the exam because they haven’t found a HiSET or GED study program that is effective for them. In contrast to classroom study, a good preparation program should provide you with as much time as you require. Concepts will be taught with step-by-step guidelines to make everything simple to understand with logical explanations. The GED and HISET tests can be completed quickly and easily with proper preparation.

What is the most difficult GED subtest?

In general, most GED candidates find Mathematics to be the most difficult and challenging of the four GED modules (subtests). Taking the most difficult GED® subject first might not be the best way to build confidence and become familiar with the testing format.

How To Prepare for the GED Test?

To pass the GED exam, you must be well-prepared, and below are five key GED test tips to set you up for success.

Learn What to Study

The GED exam has four parts and aims to access your knowledge of math, reading, social studies, and science. These topics are broad, so specifying what skills you will need to know for the test is very significant.  You need to identify which areas you need more brushing upon, then focus more on those subjects while you’re studying for the exam.

Take Practice Tests

Practice tests before going to the GED exam are extremely important as they help you better determine your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, you can spend more time working on subjects which you are not doing well. In addition, practice tests help you get familiar with the test format and complete all the GED questions in the allotted time. There are a lot of practice tests online available today, so you can find which one is suitable for you and take them regularly throughout your study period to measure the process. 

You can learn for the exam by accessing our website, which contains a variety of online practice questions for all GED topics as well as the GED practice test 2024. You can set your own study schedule and work at your own pace. Furthermore, you can study on the go with our mobile apps to learn and practice for the GED exam, which is available for both IOS and Android. Let’s get this party started right away!

Study Consistently

You need to be consistent while you’re learning and preparing for the GED exam. Just cramming before the test and hoping for the best results is not an effective learning method. Instead, you should set goals, and spend time studying several times a week or even every day. Practicing every day is very helpful, so create a schedule to keep you on track. 

Find a Preparation Program

It is critical to enroll in a GED preparation program because it will help direct your studies. You may feel overwhelmed if you are only getting ready for the GED exam. Otherwise, sticking to a preparation program that meets your requirements is extremely beneficial.

The GED exam is difficult, but you can prepare better with our GED study guide.

To summarize, how hard is the GED test depends on your preparation. You should practice every day to prepare for and pass the GED exam.