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Read the\u00A0supporting details\u00A0then correct the sentence below. Sentence 7: With a budget of $10,000, ORI promoted new rural road development to serve the wagon, coaches, and bicycles on America's dirt roads. Which of the following changes should be made to CORRECT sentence 7?

A Change \u201Cwagon\u201D to \u201Cwagons\u201D.

In order to correct sentence 7, you would need to change \u201Cwagon\u201D to \u201Cwagons.\u201D This sentence contains a parallelism error. You will notice that \u201Cwagon\u201D is the only word in the series that is not plural (i.e. \u201Cwagon, coaches, and bicycles); therefore, in order to make the series parallel, you must use the plural form (\u201Cwagons\u201D). The other answer options are not options that would make the sentence grammatically correct.

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