Eligibility Requirements For GED In Nebraska

You may learn more about how to obtain a GED in Nebraska by reading the answers to the questions related to GED requirements in Nebraska we receive below.

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Earning a GED (General Educational Development) diploma may be difficult, but it will most likely be the best thing you have ever done for yourself. If you do not possess a high school diploma, taking the GED test and receiving your diploma can lead you to a higher-paying job, higher wages, and more opportunities. The Nebraska GED information provided below will assist you in earning this valuable education credential.

GED eligibility requirements in Nebraska

  • You must reside in Nebraska for at least 30 days.
  • You cannot be a high school graduate or enrolled in an accredited high school.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are 16 or 17, you must submit a completed NDE Form #12-003, revised May 2011, which is available from the Nebraska Department of Education or official GED testing centers, a letter written by yourself describing the circumstances of your withdrawal from the regular school program and why you want to take the exam, a copy of your transcript from the last high school you attended with the official date of your withdrawal and graduation date of class, and a proof that 30 days have passed since the day of your withdrawal from school, or that a request by an official of the school you last attended to waive the 30-day waiting period has been received. Be sure to check for any additional requirements since different rules might be in effect.
  • Cost: $120 (all subjects) or $30 (per subject)
  • The minimum passing score for each subject: 145
  • Accommodations: You must submit a request for disability accommodations via the GED® Testing Service website.
  • The State of Nebraska will provide you with a GED certificate if you pass the exam, showing that you have attained the same level of knowledge as a high school graduate.

You may learn more about how to obtain a GED in Nebraska by reading the answers to the questions we receive the most below. Besides, to help you easily prepare for your coming Nebraska GED exam, we offer hundreds of GED practice test questions on this website. Let's give it a try!

In Nebraska, what high school equivalency tests are available?

The GED® Test is the high school equivalency test offered in Nebraska. It is accepted at 99% of colleges and is equal to a high school diploma.

What subjects are tested on the GED in Nebraska?

The Nebraska Department of Education administers and regulates the GED test in Nebraska (NDE). It is designed to make sure that those who pass it have the same level of education as high school seniors. Applicants will be asked to answer questions on 5 high school subjects:

  • Language Arts: Reading
  • Language Arts: Writing
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies

How long is the GED exam in Nebraska?

The test takes about 7 hours to finish. There are 240 multiple-choice questions and 1 essay question. The essay test does not require any specialized knowledge. The essay question's goal is to assess your writing abilities. The remaining questions on the test are all multiple-choice with 5 possible answers. The testing center will give you a calculator if you want one for the mathematics test.




115 minutes

Social Studies

90 minutes


90 minutes

Language Arts

150 minutes


7 hours, 41 minutes

How many questions are there on the GED test in Nebraska?





Social Studies




Language Arts


What is the passing score for the GED test in Nebraska?

While each test is scored separately and is worth between 200 and 800 points, a total score of 2250 is required to pass the GED exam. Any test with a score of less than 410 is automatically failed, and you must retake it before receiving your diploma.

There is a 60-day waiting time in Nebraska between retakes. You can avoid the waiting period if you can show proof that you prepared for the test. 

If I don't pass a subject on the Nebraska GED exam, can I retake it?

In Nebraska, if you fail a subject area test the first time, you must wait 30 days before retaking it. You have to wait 60 days before testing once again after the second retake. 

People can easily prepare for the GED test thanks to the Internet. Online GED prep classes, GED study guides, and GED practice exams are among the many resources available. This helps you to study for the exam whenever and wherever it is convenient for you.

You can take GED prep classes at your local college or adult education center if you prefer the structure of a classroom. Study guides can also be purchased from bookstores both online and offline, or borrowed from the library.

Can I take the Nebraska GED exam online?

You can take the Nebraska GED test online or at an official Nebraska GED testing center. You can use our list of Nebraska testing centers to locate the one that is most convenient for on-site testing.

There will be an Online Proctored (OP) GED test option starting on September 1st, 2021, so you can take your GED test remotely (online).

How old must I be to take the GED in Nebraska?

You must be at least 18 years old. An instructor in an adult education program can grant you permission to take the test if you are 16 or 17. If you have a completed NDE form #12-003, a letter in your own handwriting outlining why you decided to drop out of school and why you wish to take the exam, and a copy of your transcript from the last school you attended, you will be referred to an eligible program. Before submitting an application for an age waiver, you must wait at least 30 days after withdrawing.

How can I obtain a copy of my Nebraska GED test transcript?

You can ask for a copy of your Nebraska GED transcript by contacting the GED testing service.