Eligibility Requirements For GED In Massachusetts

You may learn more about how to obtain a GED in Massachusetts by reading the answers to the questions related to GED requirements in Massachusetts we receive below.

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People frequently fail to achieve their goals due to a lack of education. While you may not have completed high school as a teenager, that doesn't mean you have to go through life without the necessary educational credentials. The majority of employers and post-secondary schools recognize the Massachusetts GED credential to be the equivalent of a high school diploma. This guide contains information about the Massachusetts GED and how to obtain it.

GED eligibility requirements in Massachusetts

  • You must reside in Massachusetts.
  • You cannot be a high school graduate or enrolled in an accredited high school.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. If you are 16 or 17 and meet additional requirements, you are eligible to take the test.
  • Cost: $125 (all subjects) or $31.25 (per subject)
  • The minimum passing score for each subject: 145
  • Accommodations: You must submit a request for disability accommodations via the GED® Testing Service website.
  • The State of Massachusetts will provide you with a GED certificate if you pass the exam, showing that you have attained the same level of knowledge as a high school graduate.

You may learn more about how to obtain a GED in Massachusetts by reading the answers to the questions we receive the most below.

What subjects are tested on the GED in Massachusetts?

The GED program was established in 1942 to allow young men who were sent to war during their high school years to receive the degree required for employment. The test is based on the subjects that students are required to study in high school. The examination is divided into five sections:

  • Language Arts -Writing Arts
  • Part I (50 questions, 75 minutes)
  • Part II (essay, 45 minutes)
  • Language Arts, Reading (40 questions, 65 minutes)
  • Social Studies (50 questions, 70 minutes)
  • Science (50 Questions, 80 minutes)
  • Mathematics (50 questions, 90 minutes)

There are 240 questions in total, plus one essay question. The questions are all multiple-choice, and you'll be given 7 hours to finish the exam.

How is the Massachusetts GED scored?

A minimum score of 2,250 is required to pass the Massachusetts GED test. Each test is worth 200 to 800 points, and your overall score will be assigned a percentile rank between 1 and 99. This chart compares your exam results to that of graduating high school seniors. While you should aim for an average of 450 for each test, any test that scores less than 410 will have to be retaken.

You must finish all tests before you can retest any portion of it. Massachusetts allows the candidates to take the exam over several days, but you must complete the entire exam within 1 year of registering. There are additional limitations to retesting. Contact your local GED testing center or check the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education website for more information.

Are there any online resources for GED?

Yes. You can use our website to practice for your GED exam. We offer hundreds of GED practice test questions on this website. It's quick, easy, and straightforward on your smartphone as well.

How do I obtain a GED in Massachusetts?

You may be wondering, like many Americans, "How can I acquire my GED fast?" The good news is that obtaining a GED certificate is simpler than you may have imagined. You may achieve your goals more quickly if you start early.

Take the following steps:

  1. Verify Your Eligibility: Each state has different requirements for test-taker eligibility.
  2. Learn the Material: Prepare for the GED exam. You have the option of studying alone, in a nearby prep class, or online.
  3. Practice the Material: Create a tranquil study area. Use a study guide or online classes to narrow your focus. Use practice tests to evaluate your understanding.
  4. Register: You can schedule your test online whenever you are ready.
  5. Take the Test: Bring a valid government-issued photo ID on exam day. Do not bring personal items into the testing area.

If you pass the test, the State of Massachusetts will provide you with a GED certificate, which will attest to the fact that you have attained the same level of knowledge as a high school graduate.

How many times can I retake the GED if I fail?

Be aware that some states have specific rules regarding exam retakes. Normally, you are allowed to take the test three times each year. You won't need to retake any of the previously passed subjects.

What is on the GED Math test in Massachusetts?

  • You should be confident to use math to solve problems in real life and familiar with mathematical concepts, measurements, and equations.
  • You will be provided a formula sheet in the test center and on the screen in the test so you don't have to memorize any formulas.
  • You can assess your test readiness using our math practice tests. You can get all the math you need to learn at a low cost from our website.

Where can I take a GED practice test in Massachusetts?

An official GED practice test is available from the GED testing service for $6 per subject. You can test your knowledge on our practice tests in one subject, a few subjects, or every subject.

In Massachusetts, what is the high school equivalency test?

GED and HiSET are the two high school equivalency tests offered in Massachusetts. Both are accepted at 99% of colleges and both are equivalent to a high school diploma. With a Massachusetts HiSET or Massachusetts GED, you can find a fantastic job, earn a degree, or join the military.

How long is the GED exam in Massachusetts?




115 minutes

Social Studies

90 minutes


90 minutes

Language Arts

150 minutes


7 hours, 41 minutes

How many questions are there on the GED test in Massachusetts?





Social Studies




Language Arts


If I don't pass a subject on the Massachusetts GED exam, can I retake it?

For each subject, you can retake it up to 2 times without having to wait. For the fourth attempt, you have to wait 60 days. There is no yearly limit on testing.

It is estimated that up to 70% of candidates fail the GED exam on their first attempt. Approximately 60% of high school students would also fail the GED test. Needless to say, preparation is required if you want to obtain this certification. You have a few options for furthering your education. Enrolling in a GED prep course that will walk you through the material you will be assessed on is a good one. If your schedule does not allow for a course, you can learn independently by taking GED practice tests and study guides from this website or the library.

Can I take the Massachusetts GED exam online?

You can take the Massachusetts GED test online or at an official Massachusetts GED testing center. You can use our list of Massachusetts testing centers to locate the one that is most convenient for on-site testing.

What age must I be to take the Massachusetts GED exam?

In Massachusetts, you must be at least 18 years old to take the GED exam. 

If you are 16 or 17 years old, you cannot schedule a test until the Massachusetts High School Equivalency Office has approved an official Letter of Withdrawal from the last school you attended.

What is the requirement for the Letter of Withdrawal?

  • It must be on school letterhead with an address and phone number.
  • It must include the last day you attended and the day you withdrew from the school.
  • It must come from the Principal's, Headmaster's, or Head of Guidance's office.
  • The Principal, Headmaster, or Head of Guidance must sign the document.
  • Once completed, send the letter together with your name, phone number, and email address to [email protected] or the following address:

HSE Office 3rd Floor

75 Pleasant Street

Maiden, MA 02148

Attn: Olympia Stroud

How can I obtain a copy of my Massachusetts GED test transcript?

You can ask for a copy of your Massachusetts GED transcript by contacting the GED testing service.