Eligibility Requirements For GED In Idaho

You may learn more about how to obtain a GED in Idaho by reading the answers to the questions related to GED requirements in Idaho we receive below.

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GED eligibility requirements in Idaho

Education is a necessary component of success. To meet the criteria for a job or get into a good college nowadays, you have to have a high school diploma. If you were unable to finish your high school education, you can still obtain an equivalent diploma. The General Educational Development (GED) certificate can lead to a new career or a higher education. The Idaho GED program is described in detail below.

GED requirements in Idaho:

  • You do not need to reside in Idaho.
  • You cannot be a high school graduate or enrolled in an accredited high school.
  • You must be at least 18 years old. However, in order to take the test if you are 16 or 17, you must first get a signed age waiver. For more information on how to get an age waiver, contact the state office or your local testing center in Idaho.
  • Cost: $120 (all subjects) or $30 (per subject)
  • The minimum passing score for each subject: 145
  • Accommodations: You must submit a request for disability accommodations via the GED® Testing Service website.
  • The State of Idaho will provide you with a GED certificate if you pass the exam, showing that you have attained the same level of knowledge as a high school graduate.

You may learn more about how to obtain a GED in Idaho by reading the answers to the questions we receive the most below. Besides, to help you easily prepare for your coming Idaho GED exam, we offer hundreds of GED practice test questions on this website. Let's give it a try!

What subjects are tested on the GED in Idaho?

To be certified as having the same level of education as a high school student, a person must take tests in the 5 main subjects taught in high school:

  • Language arts writing (2 parts)
  • Language arts reading
  • Math (2 parts)
  • Social studies
  • Science

The majority of the questions on the test are multiple-choice. The second part of the language arts writing test, on the other hand, is an essay question that assesses the individual's ability to draft and write a paper on a specific topic. While you do not need to be an expert in any particular subject, you must be able to write effectively. This includes being able to spell correctly and use proper grammar.

The math exam is also divided into two sections. The testing center will provide you with a calculator. It is permitted to be used on the first part of the math test but not on the second.

How is the Idaho GED scored?

For a total of 4,000 points, each specific test is worth up to 800 points. To pass the Idaho GED test, you must obtain an average score of 450 points (2,250 total). The passing score for any single exam is 410. Anything less is a failing grade, and you will have to retake that section of the test.

The number of times you could retake the test in a single year is determined by the number of test versions available. You can retake the test up to 3 times if there are only 3 versions in circulation, for example. If you fail in any of those attempts, you will have to wait until the next year to try again.

How long is the GED exam in Idaho?




115 minutes

Social Studies

90 minutes


90 minutes

Language Arts

150 minutes


7 hours, 41 minutes

How many questions are there on the GED test in Idaho?





Social Studies




Language Arts


In Idaho, what is the passing score for the GED test?

145 points (45% correct) in each of the four subjects is required to pass the Idaho GED exam. You can quickly check your test results on your MyGED account with the GED testing service after finishing the exam.

If I don't pass a subject on the Idaho GED exam, can I retake it?

There is no waiting period for the first two retakes of the Idaho GED exam. You have to wait 60 days before testing once again after the second retake. 

Can I take the Idaho GED exam online?

You can take the Idaho GED test online or at an official Idaho GED testing center. You can use our list of Idaho testing centers to locate the one that is most convenient for on-site testing.

There will be an Online Proctored (OP) GED test option starting on September 1st, 2021, so you can take your GED test remotely (online).

How can I obtain a copy of my Idaho GED test transcript?

You can ask for a copy of your Idaho GED transcript by contacting the GED testing service.